Pint N Dine’s Mukbang Buffet Will Unleash Your Inner Mukbanger [2021]

Pint N Dine’s Mukbang Buffet Will Unleash Your Inner Mukbanger [2021]

Being a foodie, I love trying out new restaurants and cafes. When I heard that there was a new cafe, I couldn’t resist the urge to try them out. The icing on the cake was that they’re a Korean-Western fusion cafe, two cuisines that I can’t get enough of. Seeing that Pint & Dine is fairly new, this review might help you out if you’re wondering if this place is worth your money. Spoiler alert; they’re more than worth it, especially their Mukbang Buffet.

Pint & Dine: Pretty in Pastel

The interior of Pint & Dine is extremely clean and pretty with shades of pastels. There is plenty of greenery too, which makes for a great click. The fairy lights add an ethereal vibe to the place, and the tables are perfect for a great and intimate get-together with friends, or family. Even the lighting is extremely soft, and elegant which suits the vibe of the place to a T. Pint & Dine also has a dual concept; they’re a cafe by day and a bistro at night which sounds interesting.

The service is also excellent. The staff was very friendly and amicable, and my order came up pretty fast despite how large it was.

Best Mukbang Buffet

Now I’ve seen a lot of Mukbang videos on Youtube, and I always wanted to try it at least once! So when I noticed that there was actually a Mukbang Buffet, I decided to go for it. Professional Mukbang eaters, I’m coming for you guys! I ordered their Mukbang Buffet and I have to admit that it’s a great steal. It will cost you only around $25 (and a little more for the service charge), and the food is free-flowing! The portion sizes are very generous from the beginning, making this a great choice for dining out with friends or the family.

You get to choose from the following items, and there are plenty of classic and fusion options. So you’re sure to get something that you’ll enjoy. For the purpose of a proper review (and because everything looks so good), I decided to order a little of everything, and here’s what I think about it.

The Mukbang Buffet offers the following items,

  • Fire Ramyeon
  • Kimchi Soup Ramyeon
  • Fried Chicken Wings in 3 Flavours (Original, Soy Garlic, Yang Nyum)
  • Fried Seaweed Rolls and Mandu
  • Fries!

I’ve seen fire ramyeon in almost each and every Mukbang, and I’ve even prepared some at home. But there’s something different about their fire ramyeon. It is spicy, and there is a ‘kick’ when you eat them but I personally think that they’re medium-level spicy. The ramyeon is usually dry, but they also offer soup variants for those who would prefer that. The noodles were the perfect springy texture which I really love.

If you can’t tolerate the spice, then you should go for their kimchi soup ramyeon instead. This one comes with soup, so it’s great for a cold day. The kimchi adds a great dimension of flavour to the ramyeon thanks to the slightly tangy and sweet after-taste. And since it’s fermented there are also plenty of health benefits. The umami flavour comes bursting out, and it is extremely addictive. I love adding the fried mandu for a more filling option. So if you ask me, the fried mandu and the kimchi soup ramyeon are the best possible combo in the entire Mukbang Buffet!

The fried seaweed rolls are very crunchy when you take a bite, and the insides are so soft. The stuffing is japchae, which makes the roll chewy, and there’s also a slight bounce to the texture. Pair this up with some sweet-sour sauce, and you’ll find yourself ordering seconds, and even thirds.

And then the fries! Can anyone resist fries? They’re the perfect blend of salt and crisp and are simply irresistible. It’s hard to go wrong with fries, so this is a dish that you can order with anyone. Try them out with the sauces and sides for a combo that is really good. Or even pair them up with a glass of soju for a great (and guilty) time.

The Highlight

So now we’re coming to the highlight of the mukbang buffet (Sounds dramatic, I know). *Drum roll* And the highlight for me has to be their fried chicken wings. The insides are very tender and moist, but the breading is very crispy. But there is no greasy feeling which is really surprising but shows how good they are. The chicken is properly marinated, and the flavours are also deep in the chicken, not just the breading. They use a home-made recipe, and all of their chicken is prepared in-house which is great!

As mentioned before, there are 3 different flavours of fried chicken wings to try and each one is very different from the other. Let’s start with the Original (the OG). This is a classic Korean fried chicken, so if you’ve never tasted one before then this is the perfect start for you. The flavours are clean and deep, so you get to enjoy the true taste of fried chicken Korean-style.

The Yang Nyum is their spicy-sweet version which is coated with some red, hot sauce. The topping of sesame seeds is also a nice touch because they add a hint of extra texture and flavour. The sauce is sweet and spicy, with it being more on the spicier side. When you take a bite, the spicy and tangy flavour of the sauce blends well with the chicken. But I must admit that I find them to be a little salty. I don’t really like salty foods, so I didn’t really finish my portion but if you love salty things, you’re gonna love these wings. In fact, you might even go for second servings.

Okay. I’ve saved the best for the last. My ultimate pick from the Mukbang Buffet has to be their soy-garlic version of chicken wings. I found it to be much more flavourful, but unlike the Yang Nyum, the flavours were much more balanced in terms of taste. The chicken is more on the savoury side, and the garlic is not over-powering but rather complements the complex taste of the soy very well. The taste is very addictive and I won’t be lying if I said that I went for seconds and thirds. Highly recommend this one, even if you ordering ala carte.

Does Pint & Dine Get My Approval?

Is that even a question after how much I’ve raved about this place. I’d recommend this place to anyone because there’s something that caters to everyone. The Mukbang Buffet is fantastic, but do remember to try out their other options as well. I’ve heard some great reviews about their Drunken Clams which is a great hang-over soup. And you’ll certainly need it because even their soju cocktails come in the most adorable serving style. They come in little fire extinguishers which is hilarious, and Insta-worthy at the same time!

So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend, make sure your tummy is empty, and pay a visit over at Pint & Dine. You won’t be disappointed, and do remember to try out their Soy-Garlic Chicken and soju. Or even try out their Mukbang Buffet to unleash your inner Mukbanger.

Address2 Jalan Lokam, Kensington square, #01-48 537846 Singapore, Singapore
Contact+65 8891 5928
TimingsTuesday to Friday from 12:00 pm to 10:30 pm
Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to 10:30 pm
Closed on Mondays
Social PagesFacebook | Instagram

That brings us to the end of my review on Pint & Dine’s Mukbang Buffet. Let me know your opinions in the comments below and which other places would you like me to review. And if you want some more options then you’ll love this list of the most affordable and delicious restaurants in Singapore.

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